Frequently asked questions

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, flavoured with a varierity of fruits and herbs, mainly known for its health benefits. In fact, some might say that kombucha will tonify, vivify, detoxify or stimulate your guts, and that it's full of probiotics and antioxidants. 

We think it's simply delicious! We believe kombucha is the perfect base for cocktails, as well as a festive and refreshing non alcoholic beverage; the perfect alternative for beer or for your afternoon coffee!

Is kombucha a mushroom?

No, it's a fermentation process of acetic bacteria and yeasts which form the active microorganisms.

Is your kombucha pasteurized since it's in a can?

Nop, our kombucha is as active as any other kombucha. Maybe you've heard that kombucha can't be in contact with metal. Actually, there's a fine plastic lining inside the can that protects the liquid from the can itself. In fact, a can is the best container for kombucha since you can bring it to the beach #beachclub

Can I leave your kombucha at room temperature?

No because our kombucha is as active as any other kombucha, you have to keep it in a refrigerated space. Otherwise, it will continue to ferment and it will lose its great taste.

Can I get drunk with kombucha?

With less than 0,5% of alcohol, we can't guarantee the result, but let us know how it went!

Is your Kombucha certified organic?


Why is your sparkling water different?

Because it’s the first sparkling water of its kind! We don’t use artificial flavors, only an infusion of fruit pulp that was meant to be thrown away. We infuse it to create to flavor so it’s all natural!